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Specializing in Renewable Energy Development and Advisory Services



Financial Solutions
  • Recourse & Non-Recourse Project Debt

  • Power Purchase Agreements

  • Operating Lease

  • Equity Financing

  • Capital Lease

  • Tax Equity

  • Construction Financing

Energy Technologies
  • Solar PV

  • Energy Storage

  • Waste-to-energy

Energy Usage Analysis


Performing an analysis of our client's energy usage allows us to provide data driven results.


Our in-depth auditing delivers insights which can reveal irregularities in current energy procurement.


With our fundamental approach, we notify clients of high cost energy habits and possible mitigation solutions. 

Reducing Energy Cost


Rising energy cost have impacted the bottom line. With multiple technologies and a myriad of federal, state, and local regulations, it becomes an overwhelming task to determine which solution delivers the highest ROI.


San Diego Energy Company takes an agnostic approach to reducing energy cost by utilizing a solution which is eligible for government incentives and complies with local permitting.

Markets of Interest
  • California

  • Ohio 

  • Pennsylvania 

  • New Jersey

  • Maryland 

  • Massachusetts

Energy Management Solutions
  • Reducing Energy Cost

  • Long-term Energy Hedging

  • Energy procurement from Green Energy Assets

About Us

About Us

The main objectives are to help commercial, industrial, and municipal entities research and develop energy infrastructure.

San Diego Energy Company works with world class finance partners to provide our clients with access to multiple forms of financial solutions that maximize the benefits of clean energy technologies and minimize the capital outlay.

Areas of Focus


Municipalities, municipal utilities, and city governments want to go green. Renewable energy projects are noteworthy because they control cost, provide price stability, and present a progressive image to members of the local community. 

Government entities want to move forward, but many are hesitant to issue new debt or to undertake a sophisticated green energy project. San Diego Energy Company has the ability to structure a public-private partnership, which monetizes all available tax benefits and incentives. This allows the government entity to reduce their carbon footprint and to fulfill their fiduciary duty to the local members of the local community. 


Many industrial and commercial companies have market driven energy expenditures that significantly affect the bottom line. While several companies have taken minor steps towards improving efficiencies, only a few have been ambitious enough to considerably change energy cost. Sustainability is an untapped growth dynamic for any company. 

Here at San Diego Energy Company, we arrange project financing for on-site distributed generation. Initially we perform a site feasibility study to determine the most efficient technology. Once this has been accomplished 

Learning Institutions

Learning institutions across the country are recognizing that energy intensive campuses contribute to the abundance of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) in our environment. As an administrator, you face increasing financial challenges with rising utility costs, maintenance expenses, pressures for staff reductions, and a difficult financial environment. 

San Diego Energy Company offers a unique, new solution that allows your institution to implement either a renewable, distributed generation, or energy efficient technology on your campus with no capital expenditure. Our experience allows us to leverage the bankability of a learning institution to provide funding for clean energy projects. 

Areas of Focus


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